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Creator : Sipho Mabona
Folder :
Sipho Mabona
Photographer :
Sipho Mabona
Date : 2006


I came up with this plane when I was folding a menu card of a Chinese restaurant while strolling through Manhattan. This Model combines basic folds of the BAT (Aerogami) and ROUGE (Aerogami).


One can use almost any kind of paper to fold the IMMORTAL. Even the DIN-A3 format produces models with great flying abilities. The only restriction is that the paper should not weigh more than 80 g/m 2 . I preferably fold my models from 65 g/m 2 A4 writing paper.


This Plane must be folded very precisely. Some of the steps towards the end of the folding sequence are a little complicated. It is important to crease all the folds well because the nose section might get pretty thick.



  This plane can only display its full ability when flown outdoors. The IMMORTAL is thrown towards the sky vertically at maximum speed. You should have enough space because this model often lands far away from where it was launched.


The IMMORTAL belongs to both the acrobatic and the longtime gliders. It mainly impresses with it's incredible acrobatic flight abilities. While ascending the IMMORTAL shows screwdrivers and loops, during descent it displays it's not to be under estimated gliding abilities.

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